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Sunday, March 27 2016

District of Columbia Grass Cutting

In the District of Columbia, Phocas Landscaping provides the highest quality grass and mowing services for the most reasonable prices. But some folks in the District of Columbia still like to cut and mow their own lawn. In DC we still find folks need a little help with some of the grass cutting basics.

District Of Columbia Grass Cutting Provided below are 9 quality 101 tips for you and how you attack the grass cutting  for your Washington D.C. lawn. At Phocas if we can’t cut your D.C. lawn for you, then let us help you make sure you are at a minimum sticking with the grass cutting standards that us the Professionals use.

For more free advice or any additional help do not hesitate to contact the staff at Phocas Landscaping, we are just a phone call way to assist you in the District of Columbia for any and all lawn care, grass cutting and other lawn maintenance issues in Washington D.C.


1. Pre-Plan Your Attack for Your D.C. Lawn

In the District of Columbia your dad says the only way to mow a lawn is to trim the edges first, which puts the clippings back into the grass to be mulched by the mower. He's not wrong but you can also mow first and then trim, which takes advantage of the mower's large cutting area to reduce time spent trimming. Pick one approach to avoid constantly swapping tools.


2. Cut a Nice Wide Collar

We're not talking Washington D.C. dress shirts here. The collar is the border that you mow first around the lawn's perimeter. Cut it wide enough to turn the mower around without driving into a flower bed.


3. Please No Buzz Cut

Scalping is the gruesome term for cutting too short and District of Columbia lawns don’t like this. It can leave ugly brown patches in areas of uneven ground and strain root systems. "This leads to weeds breaking through the turf," says Pat Callahan, director of grounds, landscaping, and turf at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Cool-season grasses are cut to 2½ to 3½ inches; warm-season grass is cut to 1 to 3 inches.


4. Slow Down & Watch Your Speed – We have speed cameras in D.C. you know

Haste can make a waste of your lawn. This is particularly true with tall or wet grass, which resists a swift cut. But even in dry conditions, a rushed job leads to uneven shearing and leaves behind clumps of poorly mulched clippings.


5. Do Not Look Straight Down

Fact: You'll mow straighter if you focus about 10 feet ahead of the mower rather than directly at the wheels.


6. Bag That Dag on Bagging Stuff

Picking up clippings prevents them from getting tracked into the house, but mulching as you mow puts the grass particles back into the turf, providing nutrients such as nitrogen to the soil. You'll end up with healthier turf in Washington D.C.


7. Alternate the Cutting Pattern

Grass leans in the direction in which you mow it. Switching up your pattern from week to week encourages grass to grow straighter and healthier.


8. Trim Ambidextrously

A typical straight-shaft string-trimmer head spins counterclockwise and is operated right to left. This means that, if you're in the right-handed majority, you'll waste time walking sideways or backward. Grasp the trimmer handle with your left hand so you can simply walk forward and make a cleaner job of it. You'll find it's faster, safer, and less tiring to trim this way.


9. Edge and Trim at Once in Washington, save time to get to the “Nat’s” game!

Hold the string-trimmer head vertically to cut a clean edge (along a curb, for instance), and turn it horizontal to trim around bushes or landscape features. Don't trim and edge in separate trips. "Look at your property and find a continuous path you can follow to trim and edges in one pass," says Steve Byrne, president of Edgit, which makes trimmer accessories. "This gets the job done quickly without having to backtrack."

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Sunday, March 13 2016
District Of Columbia Lawn Service

District Of Columbia Lawn Service

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If you care about both the beauty of your yard and the cost of lawn care in the District of Columbia then Phocas Landscaping can help. With a full range of D.C. lawn care services that include mowing, pruning & edging shrubs, irrigation maintenance and more, Phocas experts do it all.

District Of Columbia Lawn Care Services

Not all companies offering lawn service in the District Of Columbia deliver consistently and you need a reliable company who won't cut corners and leave your backyard or front yard looking less than their best. Get started now with your beautiful yard in the District Of Columbia!

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Wednesday, March 09 2016
Grass Cutting Washington D.C.

Grass Cutting Washington D.C.

In Washington D.C. not many residents take into account that the mowing techniques used or needed on their grass has much effect on its health. Many types of grass are used Washington D.C. landscapes. Each type requires a specific care technique in the District of Columbia. Just by following a few simple tips your lawn could look like it could belong in a magazine.

Any D.C. lawn should be mowed no more than 1/3 of the height. Cutting any more causes the root system to stop growing and require more watering.

Each lawn has an average height for optimal health. Producing fewer clippings will also be more attractive on your lawn. If your lawn is left alone to long in between mowing, adjust the blade height higher and gradually lower it until the desired height of your of grass is met.

To prevent stress on your lawn, cut it when it is dry. This will also help prevent clumping of the clippings. Be sure to never cut grass with a dull blade. This will cause a ragged cut blade making the lawn prone to disease.

For more information contact a professional landscaping company such as Phocas landscape of Washington D.C., we can provide the care your D.C. lawn requires got grass cutting, regular lawn care and more. FREE quotes for all D.C. grass cutting and other landscaping services. Contacts us today 202-362-5555

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